Annemieke Mulders - Handmade Ceramics
Annemieke Mulders - Handmade Ceramics


I am fascinated by the process of evolution where the world transforms in a gradual, almost deliberate way. Somehow random changes and disorder are essential for gaining complexity and order.

This series reflects upon what it means to be living in an evolving world with a dynamic interplay between chaos and order, destruction and creation.

I break forms, add chaos and reassemble. This process of destruction and building up cooperates to create new forms. The transformation is in the shape, in the surface, the outside and the inside. It creates fragility and complexity, reminiscent of geographies and evoking contemplation.

By applying an evolution like process to a simple form, what interesting complex shapes will emerge in the in-between?

Part of Fluid State at Gallery Central, Perth, 2018